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            Logistics & Marketing

            Logistics & Marketing

            From Wellhead to Market
            We’ve connected our gathering and processing platform with more than 4,500 miles of natural gas liquids (NGL) pipelines, ensuring that the NGLs from our facilities move safely and reliably to the highest-value markets every day. This infrastructure offers DCP customers a competitive, one-stop, integrated midstream service.

            Just as we have G&P system flexibility, we also have NGL systems that connect all of DCP’s producing basins to the premium NGL markets.

            NGL Logistics Business
            Our NGL Logistics business consists of multiple downstream assets including fractionators, NGL pipelines, and NGL storage facilities. This business generates predominantly fee-based margins.

            Our geographically integrated NGL pipelines ― Sand Hills, Southern Hills, Front Range and Texas Express ― link our liquids-rich G&P regions to expanding Gulf Coast petrochemical and energy markets, making us one of the largest NGL pipeline operators in the U.S.

            Wholesale Propane Business
            Our Wholesale Propane business is one of the largest wholesale propane suppliers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. This business is uniquely supported by domestic and international propane supply received via rail and multiple pipelines, as well as one marine terminal. The majority of earnings from this segment are generated during the winter heating season.

            Authorized Traders

            For a list of authorized traders, click here.

            NGL Pipelines

            NGL Logistics Assets
            • Minority interests in two non-operated Mont Belvieu fractionators
            • Marysville NGL storage facility, with nine underground salt caverns with 8 MMBbls of capacity?
            • NGL pipelines integrated with gas processing plants owned by DCP Midstream, LLC and third parties ?Sand Hills, a 1,200-mile interstate NGL pipeline with 280 MBbls/d of capacity, a joint venture owned two-thirds by DCP Midstream and one-third by Phillips 66
            • Southern Hills, a 940-mile interstate NGL pipeline with 175 MBbls/d of capacity, a joint venture owned two-thirds by DCP Midstream and one-third by Phillips 66
            • Wattenberg, a 500-mile interstate NGL pipeline with 22 MBbls/d of capacity
            • Black Lake, a 315-mile interstate NGL pipeline with 80 MBbls/d of capacity
            • Front Range, a 435-mile interstate NGL pipeline with 150 MBbls/d of capacity, a joint venture owned one-third each by DCP Midstream, Enterprise Products Partners, and Anadarko Petroleum Corp, 
            • Texas Express, a 583-mile NGL pipeline with 280 MBbls/d of capacity, a joint venture owned 10 percent by DCP Midstream
            • Panola, an approximately 180-mile intrastate NGL pipeline with 55 MBbls/d of capacity, a joint venture, owned 15 percent by DCP Midstream