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            Supply Chain

            Supply Chain Management
            Supply Chain Management at DCP Midstream encompasses Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Contract Administration, and Investment Recovery (surplus/used equipment). We strive for strategic relationships with key suppliers and a focus on long term sustainable value.

            Supplier Portal
            The DCP Midstream Supplier Portal is an internet-based portal that provides suppliers with self-service features to:
            • View purchase orders
            • Create purchase order acknowledgements
            • Initiate change orders
            • Create advance ship notifications
            • View invoice status
            • Manage contact information
            Suppliers login here

            Supplier Portal Documentation
            See the Training Materials

            DCP Terms and Conditions
            New Vendor Requests
            We are currently engaged in a Strategic Sourcing model. If you would like to submit your information and qualifications in the event we are seeking supplemental suppliers, we will have access to your information. We will contact you only if we need your goods or services. Please submit your information via the form below.

            As a note, DCP Midstream does not accept solicitations via walk-ins, phone calls and/or emails.